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Resources on the web of interest to basketball players or coaches

If you have any problems connecting with the following basketball Web sites or feel that there have been sufficient changes made to a site for me to review it again, drop the coach a note. Coach Lindsay wants to keep you informed of basketball drills, plays, scholarships and jobs.


Slam Dunk
Air Ball
Ken's Pick of the Month
CoachingBasketballTV - - This is a new Web site, but a good one. Consists of information important to beginning basketball coaches, both graduate and volunteer.
Ken's other favorite websites dealing with the game of basketball - - Find Basketball Coaching Jobs, Basketball Coach Salary Info ,and Network High School and College Coaches. A well designed Website with important information,
Coach Lok Hoops - - Coach Ray Lokar has coached in the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Los Angeles, Ca for over 25 years at the youth, high school, and college levels. His website provides much useful information for both coach and player.
Jamie Angeli's Basketball Camp of Champs - Free basketball drills, basketball practice drills, basketball coaching drills & plays. Improve shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, & coaching youth basketball. Purchase books & videos. Chat room & newsletter.
Coaches Clipboard - -- Dr. James A. Gels and I share the same philosophy of helping kids all around the world. Coach Gels put together this website that features tips, drills, plays, mental aspects, links, and attitudes toward the game. Coach Gels' real job is as a physician in a small northern Michigan town, Charlevoix, where he has practiced Internal Medicine since 1975. He has played the game every year from Junior High until he was about 40 on amateur men's teams. You know what happens to old player's with kids. They become coaches.
Guide to Coaching Sports - - The free Guide to Coaching Sports is dedicated to those millions of persons who volunteer so much of their precious time to the youth of our world. You can find out how to coach and teach the sport of your choice, right here
Power Basketball - - Coaching basketball, information for the youth basketball coach featuring monthly articles on offense, defense, fundamentals, also complete list of basketball links.
Y-Coach - Youth Coaching Drills and Information - This site has been around for awhile and is maintained by Schann Holladay. He maintains a fine message board and chat for coaches to exchange information. There is general coaching information for youth baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, track and volleyball.
Basketball Coaching - In Search of Excellence - Coaching youth basketball site featuring basketball coaching tips, drills, plays, practice plan, weight training, playbook, and team building tips.
Coach Steve Pavlovic's - Are you ready to learn the secrets of coaching and playing great basketball?
Hayden's Basketball Drills - -  This young lady created this web site when in the 8th grade, added new drills, and other basketball information each year. She offers a fresh new tool which will certainly help other young players develop their basketball skills. Hayden is generous in sharing things that she learned from experiences since the third grade.
HoopsU - - Basketball coaching and basketball training information, basketball resources, basketball coaching and player tips. A complete resource for everything basketball; basketball training programs, basketball drills and basketball plays, winning words and quotations, basketball coaching tools, basketball player tips, basketball DVD's, books, and much more for the basketball coach and basketball player.
Hoop Skills - - This is a well designed site, but offers little free basketball coaching material. It is strictly commercial; however, you may find something you want to buy.
Learn from an NBA legend...
Our 10 Most Frequently Read Articles:
  1. How to Play Basketball Defense

  2. How to Play Basketball Offense -

  3. One-on-one basketball moves

  4. Basketball Coach's toolbox

  5. How to Teach the 8 Basic Fundamental Plays in Basketball

  6. How to Teach Players to Dribble a Basketball

  7. How to coach and teach the basketball pick-and-roll play

  8. How to Coach the Basketball Give and Go Play

  9. How to Coach the 1-3-1 Basketball Zone Pressure Defenses

  10. How to Coach and Teach the Wheel Man-to-Man Basketball Offense

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