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An outline of a typical summer workout for the advanced perimeter basketball player

Taken from "Summer Manual For the Gym Rat" - In today's style of basketball play, it is essential that every player on the floor be a scoring threat; therefore, successful basketball coaches require their athletes to work as hard in the summer as they do during the regular basketball season.

The off-season is the time to correct and improve upon the mechanics of shooting, dribbling, and ball handling of all perimeter players. A visit to these links will help any basketball coach to devise his own personal summer workout programs for players.

Your players must be in top physical condition if you expect the best possible team during a season. In order to reach this plateau, most coaches require a year-around conditioning of their players. The best players will never get out of condition.

Here are a few pointers that will help any coach or basketball player to develop and improve offensive perimeter play:

  1. All perimeter players must be excellent ball handlers

  2. A perimeter player must have speed and quickness, but under control.

  3. All perimeter plays must be run at maximum speed in ball handling and footwork.

  4. In every case the perimeter player must play on his toes, head up, knees bent, and in a position to drive the lane.

  5. Set and use screens properly. Go shoulder-to-shoulder with your screen setter. Set-up your defender to be more easily screened

Shown here, is a typical outline of summer workout for perimeter players.

Before the AAU or summer leagues start, many coaches meet with their players individually, evaluate their play during the past basketball season, and give a written list of the things that player needs to concentrate on in his off-season workouts. At that time he issues a daily workout form especially designed for that particular player.

Daily workout for Perimeter Players

Ball HandlingDrills without dribbling - 5 minutes

Drills with dribbling - 5 minutes

Drills using two balls - 5 minutes

PassingAll types with both hands especially baseball, outlet, flick and bounce.
Foot QuicknessJump Rope - 5 minutes at 3/4 speed for endurance.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds off right foot for quickness.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds off left foot for quickness.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds alternating feet.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds on both feet.

Do 3 repetitions of each with 30 seconds rest between the quick sets.

Run Steps - Up to build leg strength and down to build quickness - Six repetitions of 15-20 seconds each.

Run Hills - Jog down and sprint up - Six repetitions of 15-20 seconds each.

Intervals - Sprint straight-aways on a track and jog on curves. Alternate up to one mile. (Build to running 2-3 miles a day at 7 to 8 seconds.) To build additional quickness and leg strength run backwards or sideways, picking up your feet and putting them down quickly.

Shooting50 Shots off the Dribble:
  1. Simulate shooting off the break
  2. Move on the move into the shot (especially crossover, stutter step, inside-out, inside-out crossover, and Earl the Pearl move.
  3. Stationary Move - Use Rocker Step to put defender on heels.
  4. 5 sets of 10 shots at a time with 10 free throws between sets, and record free throws in your notebook.
  5. Repeat 3 times

30 Shots using shot and pass fakes

  1. Pump fake to shot
  2. Pump fake, dribble to shot.
  3. Pass fake to shot
  4. 5 sets of 10 shots at a time with 10 free throws in between and record free throws.
  5. Repeat 3 times

Note: Take all shots at game speed!


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