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How to teach the one-handed driving lay-up basketball shot

The one-hand driving lay-up shot  is most important shot in fast break basketball; therefore, it is the most fundamental part of shooting because most scoring of the fast break comes from this shot.

Approaching the basket from the right side teach the shooter to grasp the ball in both hands as his right foot hits the floor, keeping the body between the ball and defender.  (When approaching the basket from the left side, reverse the technique.) Teach them to jump as high as they can, keeping eye contact with a spot six inches above, and slightly right of the basket, where he should place the ball.

Come down hard on the left foot, and propel sharply upward with the right knee, carrying the ball in both hands as high as possible with the right hand behind the ball, wrist cocked and facing the basket, and the left hand in front, wrist away from the basket.

This last step is a shorter step that enables the shooter to convert his forward motion into vertical jumping thrust. At the top of the high jump, with both arms above your head erect, eyes fixed on a spot high above and to the right of the basket, allow the left hand to fall away. Your right arm, wrist, and fingers extend to place the ball against the sighted point in a motion similar to that of trying to grasp the rim from a running start without the ball. 

The backboard should be used for lay-ups approached from the side. After completing his follow-through, the shooter lands with hips down, knees bent, and body weight low, ready to rebound, or go on defense. If you have your players follow this form constantly in practice, they will learn to make the shot automatically.

Drills for teaching the basketball driving lay-up

one-handed driving layup shot basketball drill #1Driving Lay-up (Quick Passing)

Player #2 passes to #1 coming in from the wing. As the pass is made, #4 moves to #3's position. Player #3 moves to #2's position. Player #1 either shoots or dribbles in for a lay-up and continues to #4's position. Player #2 rebounds the ball and passes to #3 and goes to the rear of the line. Play continues rotation 4-3-2-1.

Execute drill from both sides of the floor.

one-handed driving layup shot basketball drill #2Driving Lay-up (Passer uses eye and pass fakes)

Two lines are formed and two balls are used. In unison, player #1 starts dribble as player #3 moves down the floor and drives toward the basket for a pass and lay-up. Player #1 fakes, passes in and follows.

Second ball is put in play when first play clears. Player #1 who followed, retrieves the ball and tosses out to #5. Alternate lines on both sides of the floor.

one-handed driving layup shot basketball drill #3Driving Lay-up (One-on-One plus offensive trailer)
Offensive player #1 dribble drives the ball down court being defended by #1. In diagram to the left, the lone defender drops off to stop offensive player #1 from making a lay-up. In such a situation offensive player #1 comes to a jump stop, pivots and passes to the trailer who makes the lay-up.

If the defender should fall off, then offensive player #1 should take the shot. The purpose of this drill is to teach the two-on-one fast break attack, the reverse pivot, pass off, and lay-up. You should alternate this drill on both sides of the floor.
one-handed driving layup shot basketball drill #4Driving Layup (Three-on-Two: Finishing the fast break)
The diagram to the left depicts a good three-on-two drill against a tandem defense in the lane. Player #1, the middle man in the fast break has passed to teammate #3 who dribble drives in, pulling low man in the tandem out of position, enabling him to pass to #2 cutting for the basket from the other side of the floor.

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