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Book Review: The Perfect Jump Shot

We have spent the past few weeks reading The Perfect Jump Shot by Scott Jaimet. This book was hard to put down, even though our time, so limited.

We find this book a must for both parents and basketball coaches. The author’s chief assertion is “Keep it SIMPLE when they are young. Forget the 3-point line!” Amen! No truer words have ever been spoken.

Today, too many youngsters pick up bad habits from launching shots far beyond their range. By the time they reach high school, these youngsters find learning to shoot the jump shot correctly, most difficult and sometimes impossible.

Parents, the easiest way to insure that your child makes the team, later in life, teach him the proper technique from the start. Never allow your child to practice launching shots from beyond their range. We must all realize that at their stage in life, your child is playing on a floor too big and shooting at a goal too high with a ball too big.

Your reviewer grew up in the days of the two-handed chest shot and having never used a jumper, taught the technique he was told. “If your elbow wasn’t directly under the ball when shooting a jumper, you committed a cardinal sin of basketball.”

The book’s author studied video of Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Michael Finley, Wally Szczerbiak, Robert Horry, Glen Rice, Oscar Robertson, Walt Frazier and Larry Bird. He found their basic form to all be about the same. Their shooting stroke began with the ball overhead. At that point everyone’s shooting hand is flat under the ball, the shooting elbow at eye level, and the arm is bent at the elbow in a 90% angle. At this time all of the above-mentioned were balanced and at the top of their jump.

“That’s it! That’s all you need to teach them until they are twelve to fourteen years old and strong enough to shoot a jumper. Always teach your child to focus on their shooting form. Let their form determine how far they shoot from. If a longer distance forces them to alter their technique, make them stop. Distance will come later.

Since this Website began, we have looked for a good book on shooting that we could recommend for parents to teach their son or daughter, but could never find one - until now. This book is a complete guide and loaded with pictures and diagrams. Scott covers teaching the jump shot from beginning to end - every step of the way.

This Paperback Book consists of 174 pages, over 400 photos and diagrams, with 50 professional players pictured. This is an excellent book for learning how to shoot the jump shot.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Buy now!


Learn from an NBA legend...
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