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It's Still Hoops Season!

The season is still here and its time to get down to business. Conditioning, drills, skills & fundamentals. Browse the site and find a few suggestions for your training regiment and get to work. Your work now will show off down the stretch of the season. Good luck!

Browse our blog for great instructional videos and delve into the Gym Rat Manual to challenge yourself. It's not just about being on the court ... put in the real work on skills, drills and knowledge development to get that edge over your opponents.


Recent Posts & Articles

Off Season

Off Season Training

Here’s a few training techniques for all you coaches looking to bring your little ballers to the next level! This sixth graders skill is incredible and shows how far hard work and commitment can take your players. Be sure to share this with your friends on Facebook!
Check out this kids routine-->
Dirty Dirty Dirk

Dirty, Dirty Dirk

In case you live in a cave and missed it (I apologize if you actually live in a cave), here is Dirk doing what Dirk does.
Watch Dirk doing what Dirk does-->
T-Dub Throws Down!

Best Dunker of All Time? Definitely Maybe!

Is this the best dunker of all time? Come check out T-Dub's highlight real from the 2010 Nike Dunk Contest in LA. This 5'9" super-leaper will blow your mind!
Watch T-Dub Take Flight-->
Defending the Ball Handler

Video Drill: Defending the Ball Handler

Check out this simple youth basketball drill to improve your players' on one-on-one defense. The best offense, starts with great defense and defending the dribbler is the single most important defensive skill to develop for a youth basketball player. Defend the Ball Drill-->

2 Ball Handling

Video: Ball Handling Drills w/ 2 Balls

You can't win with turnovers! Help your ball handlers protect that ball by putting them through a series of routine and regular ball handling exercises. Your guards should have a foundation built on solid, fundamental ball handling. Get More Handles!-->

Jason McElwain

Jason McElwain's Story

This story inspired our country last year. If you haven't seen Jason McElwain's story yet, now is the time. If you've seen it before, it's worth seeing again. Jason can help teach your players the kinds of skills that you don't learn on the basketball court. He teaches us how to be a better teammate, friend & role model. ENJOY! Watch this Inspiring Video-->

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect: Amazing Basketball Trick Shots!

Dude! Perfect! You've got to love these guys. Maybe it's not a great idea to highlight these guys and their trick shots on a website that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the game ... but you've got to admit that they've got skills and what they're doing is very cool. Check them out! See the Video-->

Youth Basketball Motion Offense Video

Motion Offense for Youth Basketball Teams

Learn how your youth players can be active and create open shots with a simple Motion offense. If you have only 1 play in your playbook, this is the play for a youth basketball team. With this simple philosophy, your team will never be caught standing around on offense. READ MORE-->

Defensive Slide Video

Defensive Slide Drill: Get Quick, Get Reactive

The important of good footwork on the defensive side of the court can't be overstated enough. Besides just getting your footwork correct, its important to develop quickness and reactivity time too. This simple drill is a great way to get your players to not only practice proper footwork, but to increase speed, reactivity and develop muscle memory. Watch this video and add this into your practice routine! READ MORE-->

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